Friday, 1 July 2011

Day 7

1st July    - Day 7 Grinton to Ingleby Cross

Not a good day for Marc and Steve. The walk was a long (33 miles) boring one through field after field with lots of pain due to Marc’s blisters and Steve’s sore ankle. Each step felt like their feet were on fire and they said it’s not fun anymore!

Seasoned walkers have told them that 9 days is impossible and even 10 would be hard going but the plan is still to try and finish on day 9, as they need to be on duty Monday!

21 and a half miles tomorrow climbing the Cleveland Hills and Sunday the final day looks set to be at least 16 hours of walking/crawling the final 28.

Time to grit teeth and get heads down and push through!

The good news is that the just giving page is at 84%!!!!!

All messages of support are being gratefully received.

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