Saturday, 2 July 2011

Day 8

2nd July   - Day 8 Ingleby Cross to Blakey Ridge

Both boys stayed off their feet quite literally for 12 hours after completing yesterdays 33 miles and by morning had recovered, so after a hearty breakfast they set off in high spirits for the penultimate day!

They managed to average 2 and a half mph over the Cleveland Hills 

and 5 miles in came across a drink station that was for a long distance 33-mile race. They tried to make out they were part of it but the t-shirts or the backpacks gave it away, they still got drinks and encouragement and were very grateful! 

First view of the North Sea!

So tomorrow is the final day !!!!! they estimate it will be between a 12 and 16 hour walk, depending on how good or bad they feel but paws crossed the adrenalin will kick in or the thought of a ride home at the end LOL.

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  1. Those are some hills you've been walking up and down! Fabulous achievement in a short time. Keep on going, almost there now.