Sunday, 3 July 2011


3rd July    - Day 9 Blakey Ridge to Robin Hoods Bay


The boys started out before 7am and as they left before brekkie the landlord left them out packed lunches. So off they set in high spirits. They had decided to split the day into three 9 and a half mile stretches .

9 and a half done and first pit stop!

Pushing on and another 9 and a half done!

Fab views of the north sea and just a few miles left

Boys are in high spirits as news reaches them that their target of 2k has been reached!

Marc's wife will be waiting for them at the finishing point armed with camera, so come back tomorrow for the final chapter!

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  1. Well done you two, you are both stars and deserve medals for this achievement. Also well done to Sue for manning the fort and keeping us all updated with daily happenings.
    I hope you got to enjoy a pint or two before heading home, and that you slept well last night knowing that you didn't have to set off at the crack of dawn this morning.