Thursday, 30 June 2011

Day 6

30th June - Day 6 Kirkby Stephen to Grinton

Started out at 6.50am temperature a chilly 4 degrees.

The road was steep to the top of Hartley Quarries with good views of Kirkby Stephen. And then on to Nine Standards as this was the first objective of the day at 2,170 ft this was the last time they will be over 2,000ft on the walk. The Cairns are massive! 

The boys were lucky to see the views as shortly after low level clouds descended and they only just found the path down in time.

 They then travelled through the peat bogs, the bogs entailed them wading shin deep for 2 miles descending…. Energy sapping!

They then headed past some of the waterfalls Keld is famous for, Keld village is officially the half way stage of the walk! From there they then enjoyed walking alongside the River Swale and into Reeth Village and then onto the hostel at Grinton.

Feet starting to feel the effects now
115 miles now completed

Tomorrow will be 33 miles but is the flattest part of the walk.


  1. Wading shin deep through peat bogs - the things you do to help those hounds eh?! I just hope you poked your peat-bogged feet under one of the Keld waterfalls (although I gather there is not much water in the falls right now!) for a refreshing foot shower.

    Enjoy the 'flats' tomorrow. The end is in sight.

    I bet that when finished you'll be on such a high you'll want to do it all over again. *grin*

  2. Just found out about your walk - and this blog - on Twitter.

    You are doing such a wonderful thing!!

    I'll be spreading the word and trying to get you more support and followers - and donations of course.

    Keep going!!

    Winnie the Greyhound